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In-place Strategy for Client Portfolio Management

  • Client Portfolio Strategy aims to accommodate the client’s personal needs and requirements as well as his investment objectives.
  • Management is keen to diversify its investments across various markets and sectors.
  • Construct a benchmark index (whenever required) or using Kuwait Stock Exchange Index as a standard to measure the portfolios' performance.

 Management  &  Advisory Services

  • An Account Officer is assigned solely to follow up the portfolio and execute the client’s orders and instructions.
  • Conducting all the fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Providing the client with the most recent reports and analysis.
  • Representing the client in the General Assembly Meetings.
  • Receiving cash and stock dividends on behalf of the client's.
  • Taking all the necessary actions to subscribe in the capital increase of the client portfolio.
  • Granting the client a priority to contribute to all GIH products such as the Private Offering to funds and companies under incorporation.

 Types of Portfolios

  • Non-discretionary Portfolio: where the client himself manages his portfolio by issuing purchase/sale orders directly to the trading officer.
  • Discretionary Portfolio: where GIH, through its specialized experts, manages the portfolio in a manner that realize highest returns with least risks possible.
  • Custodial Portfolio: where GIH follow up and arrange the portfolio on behalf of the client for unquoted shares.

 Commissions & Fees

  • Management fees. Incentive fees (only on Discretionary portfolios)* 

Currently Managed Portfolio:

Durrat Al Marina
GIH is the underwriter for the Durrat Al Marina Fund that was placed in 2007. The Fund objective is developing numerous clusters of land into luxury beachfront residential units in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Fund has a capital of BD 41.2 Million. The Fund life was three years with optional one year extensions. Presently, the Fund is operating in its extension period.

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