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Gulf Investment House’s (GIH) principles:-    

- Shari’ah Compliance. 

- Integrity.

GIH is a shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange that invests in different geographic regions in certain specific sectors. GIH Co-invests with its clients in various Investments in Equity and Real Estate Markets that are long term Investments. GIH’s core activities include equity investments, private equity and real estate investments. GIH strives to learn from its past experiences and come out as a survivor. With core team intact and highly experienced, GIH aims at growing its investment activities and establishing itself as a leader in Islamic investment banking in the GCC region.

 Feature of GIH:

  • GIH has a competitive advantage due to its localized presence with expert personnel, efficient operations, and state of the art governance.
  • GIH has successfully restructured all its debt in Nov 2012, and honoring timely profit payments to the lender.
  • Revisiting all profit/cost centers and cutting costs while maintaining optimum efficiency.
  • GIH shall focus on exiting some of the assets during four years, and some new             investments will be added to the portfolio.

Companies Merger:

  • Markets maturing wherein good companies can survive and do better upon   consolidation.
  • Diversify risks effectively.
  • Instability in Global investment and banking market and also the credit crunch can be overcome by consolidating investments which jointly can offer better credibility and strong asset base.
  • Bring back confidence of the shareholders, clients and public in a stronger and revamped portfolio.
  • GIH will exit from certain investments and form its strategic group and portray new brand image to the market.

Asset Allocation:

Mitigate risk by diversifying appropriately. Balance risk and reward by apportioning existing portfolio's investments. Different assets perform differently in different markets and economic conditions.


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