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The Leading Invesment Company in Kuwait

About us

Gulf Investment House (GIH), founded in 1998, is one of GCC's leading financial services companies.


Financial services in the field of direct investment, private property management and real estate investment activities.

Investor Relations

The Annual Reports, Financial Statement and Investors Reports

Corporate Governance

Enhancing the level of transparency and integrity in the company’s operations

جمعية عمومية


يود بيت الاستثمار الخليجي أن ينوه بأن هناك أطراف مجهولة تقوم باستغلال اسم وشعار الشركة لتسويق مشاريع وهمية للنصب على الأفراد والشركات. ونود أن نؤكد على عدم وجود أي ممثل للشركة داخل أو خارج دولة الكويت.

Gulf Investment House would like to point out that there are unknown parties exploiting the name The company's slogan is to market fake projects to deceive individuals and companies. We would like to emphasize that there is no representative of the company inside or outside the State of Kuwait.