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Investments Funds

GIH is renowned for its investment expertise and Fund performance. The Investment Fund Department of GIH provides a range of investment products across diversified asset classes. With a proven track record of around 15 years, it has established and managed several world-class Funds. The following are the Funds that are successfully exited, and currently under the management of GIH’s Investment Funds Department:

Us Residential Condominium Fund

Launched in March 2005 with an objective of investing in multifamily residential conversion, the Fund had a capital of US $15.30 Million. It was however, wound up in May 2006 and returned with an IRR of 28% to investors (net amount over a period of 13 months) compared to targeted IRR of 18%

Us Residential Condominium Fund II

The US Residential Condominium Fund II was launched in May 2006 with a capital of US $45 Million. However, the Fund called for only 70% of the capital during the invested period. Its objective, like its predecessor, was to invest in condominium conversion and multifamily residential unit development in the US. It completed a Fund life of two years with several extensions. Presently, the Fund has completed its extension periods and is in the process of distributing the final redemption funds to its investors.

The Care Fund I

AFKAR was established by GIH with major strategic investors viz., Kuwait Finance House, Commercial Real Estate Company, Kuwait Investment Company and Jiblah Holding Company. The paid-up capital of AFKAR today stands at KD 15.5 million while GIH holds a controlling stake of circa 51.9%, in the compan...

The Care Fund II

Inovest was established in June 2002 with authorized capital of USD 150 million and a paid up capital of USD 120.335 million, Inovest is listed in Bahrain Bourse and Boursa Kuwait since December 2005. GIH owns (directly and in directly) in Inovest 23.84%. The company engages directly in all types of...

The Bunyan Fund

The Bunyan Fund was launched in May 2001 with a capital of US $26.95 Million and an objective of investing in the construction of multi-family Class “A” rental apartment complexes in the U.S. The Fund achieved an IRR of 13.15% (targeted IRR 15%).

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