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Gulf Investment House (GIH), founded in 1998

Markets maturing wherein good companies can survive and do better upon consolidation. Instability in Global investment and banking market and also the credit crunch can be overcome by consolidating investments which jointly can offer better credibility and strong asset base.Bring back confidence of the shareholders, clients and public in a stronger and revamped portfolio GIH will exit from certain investments and form its strategic group and portray new brand image to the market.

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The shareholders of GIH include well-respected and reputable Kuwaiti and Regional Financial Institutions and Individuals. With a diverse Shareholder Group, and we have a reputed Sharia’ Board. GIH has the capability to access significant capital for the Private Equity, Real Estate and Direct Investments which form the core business activities of the company. GIH has investments in GCC, Middle East and other selected markets.